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For businesses, the first step in their development is to create, maintain, and consolidate a local market. Once that goal is tackled, perhaps as an entrepreneur you feel able to advance a step further: international expansion.

Transforming a company with local reach to a global company is an important decision that affects all areas of the business. Many new factors come into play when managing the process of internationalization. Market research must be carried out; evaluating the availability of resources to grow in other environments; it must be remembered that legal issues, logistics, cultural differences, language barriers, and the pace of life depend on the country, etc.

We are a reference point for the internationalization of companies, executives and entrepreneurs from FIDEM.

What does the Internationalization Committee do?

The women who make up the Internationalization Committee team share experiences and work together on initiatives that define the committee each year.

We work in the following initiatives:

  • Meetings to share experiences about internationalization. Leader - Maria Porta.
  • Supporting women entrepreneurs in developing countriesLeader - Maite Palomino.
  • Collaboration in Conferences with Franstage / French Organization CGPME. Leader  - Silvia Salvadó.
  • Annual international event, which brings together speakers with experience in the internationalization of their businesses. Leader - Vanesa Martínez.
  • Synergies and collaboration with associations of women entrepreneurs around the world. Leader - Glòria Abati
  • We recommend candidates for the internationalization awards given each year on behalf of the Foundation and in collaboration with the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping.
  • We manage specific requests for support from members about issues of internationalization.

The doors are open to all members of FIDEM who wish to participate in this committee, both as experts, or to discuss and learn about issues related to growth in foreign markets and internationalization.

Ask us when our next work session is and come to meet Fidem!


  • PRESIDENT: Maite Palomino
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Nati Porcar
  • MEMBERS: Nuria Basi, Mercedes Bernal, Queta Domènech, Eva Chaler, Carmen and Encarna Garcia, Carina Gironella, Cristina Malet, Vanessa and Dènia Martínez, Maria Porta, Nati Porcar, Begoña Eladi, Silvia Salvadó, Supporter: Blanca Padrós

* If you want to participate in internationalization sessions, please call us at 933 103 166 or send us an email to

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