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Fidem, International Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs, was created in 1996 to support and fund women entrepreneurs, who despite their initiative and efforts, face limitations to carry out their goals. Today, four out of ten entrepreneurs are women, so women play an increasingly important role in entrepreneurship. However, there is still a great deal of potential to develop and women, like any entrepreneurs, need support and reference to embark on a new business venture or grow their business. Through networking, training, and mentoring, as well as its entrepreneurship programs, FIDEM wants to promote and give visibility to women’s businesses as agents of economic and social development.

We are a foundation of entrepreneurs, businesswomen, and directors who fight for equality and promote personal and professional growth for women's visibility and influence in society.

VISION:  Fidem wants to become a tool to enhance the visibility and influence of women in key forums in society, ensuring the equal presence of men and women in all institutions.

MISSION: Our mission is to share personal and professional knowledge to achieve economic independence and equality for women.


  • Gender equality
  • Generosity and welcome
  • Transparency
  • Growth
  • Solidarity
  • Entrepreneurial attitude
  • Compromise and dedication
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Independence and openness
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