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With labour integration, the company wins

From a social point of view, applying an active business policy involves a number of fiscal and labour advantages that boost, for example, the competitiveness of the company.

1. Fiscal and labour advantages

Companies that want to play an active role in society can benefit from different recruitment incentives. These benefits are the result of a political and administrative decision to promote employment of disadvantaged groups.

There are many possibilities, and applying them in a specific situation and in a comprehensive manner requires a specialist. For that reason, the labour inclusion experts that collaborate with La Caixa’s Incorpora program, through specialized social organizations, advise the entrepreneur about benefits, discounts, and incentives that the company can receive in each case, depending on the profile of the employee or employees hired. Some aids apply in the company:

2. Social clauses

Law 30/2007 with respect to contracts in the public sector establishes that, when allocating contracts and under equal conditions, contracting organisms may determinepreference for companies with staff that have at least 2% disabled workers.

It is possible to request that the bidder providing services to the administration fulfil certain specific requirements with regards to this question (sometimes exclusive in nature, and sometimes optional).

In addition, when services are awarded, the administration must prioritize non-profit companies or those with a social commitment.

It should be kept in mind that the administration, by law, must have 5% of employees with disability among its staff. If the administration does not achieve this value, it can subcontract services with work integration or social enterprises.

3. CSR: a beneficial attitude

Through the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), La Caixa’s Incorpora program offers companies the opportunity to adopt an active attitude from a social point of view, by which customers and suppliers are connected to employees and shareholders. In this way, values of social and economic improvement are introduced.


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